Bryan Franklin, Co-Founder

Quadratic Leadership - Silicon Valley

I'VE HELPED 8 START-UPS REACH $1 BILLION the last 16 years, working along side some of Silicon Valley's brightest and most creative executives. I've seen more than 100 year's worth of executive staff and board meetings. Let me help you avoid the most common mistakes that slow down or even prevent success.


Bryan Franklin has coached top level executives at Fortune 1000 companies (including Apple, Logitech, Google, Cisco, SAP, and LinkedIn) and helped entrepreneurs build their fledgling organizations into success stories–taking them from start-ups to billion dollar-generators. He’s been one of the world’s most successful executive coaches for the last decade and as a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur himself, he’s started, bought, and sold more than a dozen successful businesses.

Bryan has dedicated the last 20 years to studying leadership, facilitation, sales and personal growth, leading cutting-edge transformational seminars for Lifespring, The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, Best Year Yet, WholeScale, and several of his own transformational companies including Quadratic Leadership and in collaboration with partner in business and life Jennifer Russell.

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"Success by itself is not worth the risk of failure.  I don’t think we become CEOs or entrepreneurs because we want to succeed. We do this because we want to know if the future we see can become real."

-Bryan Franklin


  • WHEN CEOs DELEGATE THE WRONG TASKS November 17, 2016 by Bryan Franklin - As a first-time CEO, as your company grows and the work becomes more complex, and while you have a team to help you with this goal, you’ll notice that fundamentally there becomes two different kinds of jobs to do. The first job is to imagine new ways of growing the company, to forge new strategies, and to implement new systems… ...Continue Reading
  • YOUR TEAM IS LESS ALIGNED THAN YOU THINK November 16, 2016 by Bryan Franklin - What most leaders assume about their organization or about any other person is that they have a much, much greater shared reality and perspective than really exists.  If the person you're speaking to agrees with your point of view, the natural human reaction is to assume that this agreement extends to alignment on every aspect of the topic. Let me give… ...Continue Reading
  • KNOW WHEN TO SAY F-IT November 13, 2016 by Bryan Franklin - I think you need to take more risks. A client of mine (first-time CEO) was asking me what she should do. Raising her “B round” of funding was harder than she expected, and she was getting tons of feedback from potential investors that a strategic pivot to a more familiar business model might make it easier for them to write… ...Continue Reading



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Not only did he help me get the business results I desired, but he has also completely changed my life. Bryan does not simply provide advice or management tips. He develops his clients as transformational leaders. He is able to go deeper and has years of experience, working with startups and large companies, that he draws from.

Quadratic Leadership Testimonial Bryan Franklin - Mike Del Ponte

-Mike D., CEO

Quadratic Coaches have amazing insights into people and business problems. My coach changed the way I saw my situation & absolutely changed my behavior. The harder the problem, the more vital Quadratic is to being part of the solution.

Quadratic Testimonial Bryan Franklin - Richard

-Richard G., CEO

Bryan is an incredibly intelligent, talented, and creative executive coach with an uncanny ability to diagnose sticky issues and rapidly eradicate them. I regard Bryan as absolutely vital to my success.  Quadratic provides services ranging from program management, executive trainings, team building and executive coaching and in all areas the services were high quality and effective.”

Quadratic Testimonial Bryan Franklin - Kathryn Kranen

-Kathryn K., CEO

I have greatly appreciated Bryan's insights and ideas. He helped me to grow as an executive, to manage people more effectively, to guide my career and had valuable suggestions for many facets as I started my latest business. Bryan is creative, thoughtful, and is able to draw on a truly unique breadth of experience to advise on almost any complex business problem.

Quadratic Testimonial Bryan Franklin - Ron Bodkin

-Ron B., CEO

"A leader who chooses sides in a paradox will find that there are people who can not follow him or her because important underlying beliefs don't feel represented."

- Bryan Franklin


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Artwork by Android Jones, the artist that painted the tribute to the love between Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell in his famous piece, "Union".