Jennifer Russell, Co-Founder and Senior Partner

Quadratic Leadership - San Francisco


I work with leaders and teams to create mass coordinated action and systems change helping them develop
the alignment, clarity, and influence they need to lead, serve, and inspire anyone.


Jennifer Russell is a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur that has founded over a dozen business and has worked on the executive teams of several high impact startups helping bring more than 40 new technologies to market in a dozen different industries.

Jennifer and her partner Bryan Franklin  have helped thousands of executives and entrepreneurs create successful businesses and thriving cultures.  She works with her clients to develop advanced capabilities, universal values, a community of unprecedented support, and a conviction of purpose.

She has led nearly a decade of transformational and professional training programs designed to liberate people from self-imposed limiting beliefs and the underlying assumptions that create what is possible.  Her unique coaching and speaking style incorporates the best of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), the human potential movement, family systems, collaborative systems, attachment theory, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, developmental psychology, integral theory, spiral dynamics, spiritual practices, tribal circling technologies, archetype work, sacred theater and their own body of work centered around personal development, love and relationship, and leadership.

"Jennifer has the brilliance of a Nobel scientist, the compassionate heart of a Mother Theresa, the unwavering presence of a martial artist and the unspeakable beauty of Guinevere.  This woman is not only divinely invested in each person waking up to the greatest version of themselves but is purpose driven that the Planet emerge into collective consciousness, love and wealth. Follow her, learn from her, trust me you will have more access to who you want to become."

Jennifer embodies a style of integrated feminine leadership that integrates the personal and professional, the spiritual and material,the effective and sustainable, the head and heart, the meaningful and pragmatic, and the profitable and fulfilling.

Her mission is to bring feminine values to the forefront of our culture.  She works with people to amplify their influence and bring a total systems approach to bear to create an evolutionary shift on our planet.

Whether its guiding a cancer drug through the arduous process of testing and development or guiding an entrepreneur through the harrowing process of creating their business, Jennifer's insight and inspiration are bar none.


"The world's most influential leaders have a responsibility, not only to their organizations,
but also to align with humanity's most important objectives."

- Jennifer Russell


Integrating personal and professional, the spiritual and material, the effective and sustainable, the meaningful and pragmatic, and the profitable and fulfilling.


It is no longer sufficient to belief that if some of us succeed individually we will succeed collectively.  We are fundamentally interconnected and interdependent and as a culture are at a transition point - a movement from a development phase of growth and a new and more mature phase of regeneration and omni-consideration.

With this shift in consciousness comes new challenges, needs, hopes, fears, and required skills. I will help you make that shift and re-equip yourself to meet those challenges and become the integrated leader that draws your power from both the the personal and the political, the individual and the collective, and the masculine and feminine aspects of who we are.

I embody a style of integrated feminine leadership that integrates the personal and professional, the spiritual and material, the effective and sustainable, the head and heart, the agentic and communal, the meaningful and pragmatic.


"Once we unwind your misunderstandings around power and create a map
to get your vision into the world, you will forever know how to lead, serve and inspire anyone.

- Jennifer Russell


I work with conscious leaders privately and in groups through various professional trainings and programs that we have developed to help evolve how we lead, how we do business, and how we love.  If you are ready to create an evolutionary shift in your life and in your projects, let's talk.  I want to work with people whose visions are shaping themselves and the cultures they influence.

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"I am here to help transform business into a life nourishing endeavor,
but also what is necessary for the survival and evolution of humankind."

-  Jennifer Russell


Rewrite Your Relationship DNA & Embody Your Ideal Love Story

In addition to her coaching and facilitation in the business domain, Jennifer and Bryan have co-founded Evolving Love which offers live events, private intensive retreats, individual coaching, and multi-day workshop in cities around the nation to help people rewrite their relational DNA and embody their ideal love story.

Jennifer is a stand for relationships that have a 'both / and' rather than an 'either / or' relationship to Freedom and Devotion as she helps singles and couples move from ordinary to extraordinary relationships.  Today her and her partner Bryan Franklin have become icons of spiritual union as depicted in Android Jone's most recognized visionary art piece entitled 'Union'.

"Evolving the way we love has far reaching consequences. As we learn how to resolve the war going on inside us - that has us acting out of wounding, disintegration, and fear - we also learn to stop the war in our relationships, political structures, and ultimately our culture.

The core wounds we inherit by design are our greatest teachers. They arrest our attention and become the focal point of our lives such that we get to experience these themes in full technicolor detail, repeating and repeating these patterns in situation after situation. They become a complex evolutionary puzzle we are born to unwind."

Without the source code for how healthy and powerful relationships work, you might end up getting stuck circling the same patterns.  The Evolving Love work is designed to create permanent relationship breakthroughs with step-by-step support to break free of persistent patterns & reignite your relationships.

For more information about Evolving Love events, programs, intensive retreats, and 1:on:1 coaching click here Evolving Love Website.


"Bryan & Jennifer embody a unique face of love. It’s an extraordinary love to be surrounded by. They are my teachers and an inspiration to parts of me that I didn’t know could come alive. They are two of the most brilliant human beings I’ve ever known individually and in relationship. They inspired me to love better."
-  Annie Lalla, Love & Relationship Expert


Business results, game-changing insights, out-of-the-box solutions, powerful models

Jennifer has helped me to distill and manifest my life work in a way no one else has. She is a rare blend of passion, competence, intelligence, creativity, commitment, realness, and care. She gets profoundly invested in every project she engages, and takes her commitment seriously. Delivering above and beyond expectation is her normal. It has been an honor to work with Jennifer -- I have learned a tremendous amount about leadership from her.

Quadratic Leadership Testimonial Jennifer Russell - Daniel Schmachtenberger

Daniel S., Founder

“I’d bet cash money, that if you play hard with Bryan and Jennifer you’ll get higher level insight and immediately actionable ideas than you’ve received from any other resource. They have a unique ability to help you leapfrog in terms of profit, and in terms of your dreams. Care to bet?”



Quadratic Testimonial Jennifer Russell - Alex Van Dyne

-  Alex V., Founder

I am now developing a distribution partnership and seeking funding. I also have a book deal. This is your chance to awaken your greatest gift. If you have found great successes but need that hand to help you cross the threshold to purpose, coaches Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell are for you.



Quadratic Testimonial Jennifer Russell - Maryann Baumgarten

-  Maryann B. , Executive

Bryan and Jennifer are two of the most revolutionary coaches.  They have reverse engineered how others can navigate the rough currents and succeed beyond their wildest expectations.If you're interested in taking your relating not just to the next level, but several levels above that, they're the ones to learn from.


Quadratic Testimonial Jennifer Russell - Julia A

- Julia A., Media Expert


Public Appearances, Keynote Talks, Interviews, & Live Events

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  • THE DNA OF EFFECTIVE PARTNERSHIPS September 28, 2015 by Jennifer Russell - Are you exploring the possibility of a business partnership? Startup Genome did a study on 50,000 startups and found the companies that grew fastest and were most successful had not one founder, not three founders, but two co-founders. There is a special synergy that can happen through partnership that can unlock more creativity, more accountability, more go-juice, and bigger visioning… ...Continue Reading
  • THE #1 MISTAKE ENTEPRENEURS MAKE WHEN STARTING OUT June 11, 2014 by Jennifer Russell - Today I want to talk about the beginning, when you’re just getting started, when you’re starting a business. What is the common mistake you might make when you’re just getting started? I’ve worked with people from the ground floor of starting literally from scratch, to helping people scale to a billion dollars in revenue multiple times. I’ve seen the entire… ...Continue Reading



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Artwork by Android Jones, the artist that painted the tribute to the love between Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell in his famous piece, "Union".