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We see a more beautiful world, where creative new ideas in technology, government, business, and economics are seamlessly executed, and unprecedented global participation yields solutions to the most difficult problems facing humanity.


To bring about this vision, Quadratic Leadership is dedicated to:

  • Amplifying the influence of the people with the best ideas,
  • Creating alignment between the leaders of the most promising companies and their values, teams, results, and selves, and
  • Bringing feminine and masculine leadership values into balance, transforming executive decision-making.

Founder Bryan Franklin has helped 8 start-ups scale to $1 Billion. Clients include the CEOs and/or other top executives at Google, Linkedin, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, LSI Logic, EMI, Ariba, and countless start-ups. Clients look to Quadratic Leadership to provide insights that integrate the personal and professional, the spiritual and material, the effective and the sustainable, the head and heart, the meaningful and pragmatic, and the profitable and fulfilling.

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Artwork by Android Jones, the artist that painted the tribute to the love between Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell in his famous piece, "Union".