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In 1989, Marijo Franklin founded the California Leadership Center, Inc., a team of consultants who use coaching as one way to produce change and growth - in individuals, their teams and their organizations.

Marijo created a personal and team development workshop called Leadership Practices© that has been received enthusiastically throughout Silicon Valley, and across the United States, Europe and Asia. From inception, Leadership Practices© participants were asked to pair up so they could coach one another in applying what they learned in Marijo's workshop.

In early 1989 a participant in the Leadership Practices© workshop asked Marijo to be his coach. So began the coaching career of one of Silicon Valley's first (and now legendary) coaches. Marijo has coached many of the Valley's luminaries, through careers that saw them become presidents, CEOs, founders of major Silicon Valley companies, and sometimes, venture capitalists.

... throughout the 70s and 80s I managed teams of people producing outstanding business results - first at the U. S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C., and later at the Michael Thomas Corporation. As Vice President, Program Development for this consulting firm, I designed trainings and re-engineered processes to improve results for our clients.

Part of our work was to meet with each client once a week to guide them through the process of being more effective. I met with hundreds of clients over eight years, with dramatic a long-lasting impact - on them and on me. Today that work would be called 'coaching'.

I help clients develop and integrate a model of effective leadership, management and interpersonal effectiveness. I may use 360 degree feedback as a way of zeroing in on growth opportunities. Often, I help design or facilitate meetings or difficult transactions, to increase the likelihood of success for my client.  Often I facilitate meetings to ‘work-out’ a strategy or tactical plan cross-functionally.

My commitment is to do whatever it takes to achieve desired results.

"Magic' is a good word to describe Marijo's effectiveness. I say to others when introducing Marijo 'I'm a better human being in her presence.' I don't just mean 'as a person', but also include being effective, communicative, and collaborative, and able to give straight and 'negative" feedback effectively."

-Aki Fujimura about Marijo Franklin


Business results, game-changing insights, out-of-the-box solutions, powerful models

Marijo quickly perceives incremental value opportunities for individuals and organizations. I and my sales group improved across several metrics while Marijo assisted in an organizational development project at Adaptec. Marijo is a talented coach for individuals and organizations.

Quadratic Testimonial Marijo Franklin - David Milton

-David M., Health Care

Marijo did an excellent job of helping me hone in on essentials, pruning away the noise, helping me identify my core values, thus helping me increase my productivity and effectiveness. I extended my contract with Marijo several times, and would strongly reccommend her to anyone looking to increase their effectiveness both personally & professionally.

Quadratic Testimonial Marijo Franklin - Radhika Malpani

-Radhika M., Google

Marijo and her staff are incredibly effective. Their model of increasing organizational effectiveness in teamwork, strategy, and competence/execution worked magic on numerous occasions. I say to others "I'm a better human being in her presence." I don't just mean "as a person", but also include being effective, communicative, and collaborative, and able to give straight and "negative" feedback effectively. Being able to confront and address conflict while maintaining teamwork and mutual trust is a "magic" that Marijo can provide.

Quadratic Testimonial Marijo Franklin - Aki Fujimura

-Aki F., CEO

I have greatly appreciated Bryan's insights and ideas. He helped me to grow as an executive, to manage people more effectively, to guide my career and had valuable suggestions for many facets as I started my latest business. Bryan is creative, thoughtful, and is able to draw on a truly unique breadth of experience to advise on almost any complex business problem.

Quadratic Testimonial Marijo Franklin - Sam Mackness

-Sam M., Google

"Marijo Franklin is an executive coach who expertly balances constructive criticism and encouragement. I have worked with her both individually and with my executive team. Her assessment of the team dynamics on my executive staff proved very useful as I managed a difficult transition. Marijo coaches with sincerity and love, and I highly recommend her. "

- Kathryn Kranen about Marijo Franklin


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