Songya Kesler, Executive Coach

Level 7 Leadership - Berlin


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I combine strategy consulting, design thinking, and executive coaching to work with visionary businesses and emerging leaders to drive win-win business success through clarity, authenticity, and alignment.


Songya Kesler is a three-time Entrepreneur, Business + People Architect, and Coach. She has a multidisciplinary background (engineering, luxury, startups, & coaching) and international experience, spanning Europe, Asia, and North America.

As a Business + People Architect, she combines strategy consulting, design thinking, and executive coaching to drive win-win business success through clarity, authenticity, and alignment. Her unique background and education provide a strong foundation for understanding modern business needs, both externally (business strategy) and internally (people strategy), allowing her to design a holistic approach to business success.

More than anything, Songya has an inexplicable, unwavering, and deep compassion for people. She most enjoys working with visionary leaders and organizations that don't merely speak of putting people first, but who understand that happy and productive people are a key competitive advantage and who are open to progressive ideas for impactful change.
She received both a BS and MS from Stanford University and an MBA from the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge (Jesus College).

"Business strategy and people strategy are inextricably linked.
Helping employees understand their motivations and finding value and meaning
in their work creates a long-term competitive advantage for the firm."

- Songya Kesler


  • A LIFE STRATEGY IS AS ESSENTIAL AS A BUSINESS STRATEGY January 18, 2017 by Songya Kesler - Realizing workforce potential is an urgent business topic today, yet while many ideas are offered, a sustainable framework remains elusive. Constant change is the new normal; building solutions for HR and organizational design, strategically, must be both simple and adaptive. What defines a modern strategy for creating a highly-optimized workforce? To instill motivation, we need to start having the tough ...Continue Reading



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Business results, game-changing insights, out-of-the-box solutions, powerful models

There are two or three things I value as a life-changing investment, and working with Songya is one. She has miraculously tapped into my deep-seated gifts, guiding me in bringing them into the world. She helped me lay the groundwork for my self-care and self-confidence, while equipping me with indispensable tools that have translated my internal growth into outward success.

-Stefanie E., Founder

My work with Songya was one of the most impactful in my life. Rather than giving you a recipe set of steps to success, she asks the right questions and suggests extremely healthy thought processes, that lead to the success you truly want. Once your direction of personal change is set through Songya's work, you have tools you need to continue your growth without her.


- Michael C. COO

Songya is one of the wisest spirits I’ve met. She has a special ability to drop in and see past the surface to identify the core issues that one is struggling with or is blind to. Songya’s background is especially tuned to help entrepreneurs breakdown their barriers to success. She’s too humble to tell you how good she really is.


- Cy H., CEO

If I had to reduce Songya's framework to a single word, it would be alignment. I now better understand how my strengths, interests, and core values as well as my weaknesses and mental roadblocks come together to influence my decision making.  I learned 'tools' that can be widely applied. The ROI has been enormous; I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to understand their own goals, values, and vision for the future.

- Patrick S. Ph.D

"Clarity and alignment are foundational to living a free and expansive existence."

- Songya Kesler


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Coaching: First Time CEOs

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