Jim Donovan, Executive Coach

Quadratic Leadership - Silicon Valley


Leadership is the operating system of your organization—but how do you know if you need an upgrade? I cut my leadership teeth at Oracle... There is always a next level.


Jim Donovan helps business leaders tap into the full potential of their team. Jim spent more than a decade at Oracle, which is where his experience in leadership development started at Oracle. Starting off in the sales organization, he was repeatedly asked to speak onstage in front of hundreds of people to “rally the troops.” Eventually, he was able to fuse his sales expertise with his passion for teaching, training and leading as he moved into a Leadership Development role at Oracle.

During the next five years, Jim trained over 10,000 people. His work with leaders in the organization made a huge impact as he designed, developed and delivered hundreds of trainings while teaching a global audience. These trainings were focused on empowering leaders to be the most effective and confident versions of themselves as they challenged their teams to hit extraordinary goals.

Jim’s passion for Leadership Development continues as he coaches and trains top executives and teams from companies like Lyft, Hewlett Packard, Novanta, Havas Worldwide, Informatica, and and startups like 15Five.

Jim’s work the synthesis of his passion for leadership development and helping top executives reach their peak potential. He lives and works in San Francisco where in his off time you can find him out hiking, biking and enjoying nature.

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"Leadership is the operating system of your culture—sometimes you need an upgrade."

- Jim Donovan


  • The Disease of Silicon Valley October 27, 2018 by Jim Donovan - Silicon Valley has a disease. It’s very serious. Possibly terminal. Let me tell you how I discovered it…. I started working with a Chief Business Officer in a rapidly scaling business. She was building a new business unit, was whip smart and had all the resources she needed at her disposal. She had a year to build the unit, and… ...Continue Reading
  • The Price of Professionalism June 15, 2018 by Jim Donovan - While running a leadership program for a group of executives, the topic of ‘professionalism’ came up. One leader was frustrated with one of her employees, and she was trying to be ‘professional’ by handling a situation ‘the right way.’ You know what I mean—trying to give feedback without emotion while in reality she was livid that this employee had gone behind… ...Continue Reading
  • Trying to Get Your Employees to Do What You Want? April 5, 2018 by Jim Donovan - I was working with a CEO named Jeff the other day who was frustrated with one of his employees. This employee—Paul, the leader of an important business unit—wasn’t doing what Jeff would ask of him. This in turn was putting a wrench in the works of the business, and allowing the competition to creep in. Jeff didn’t want to have… ...Continue Reading



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Business results, game-changing insights, out-of-the-box solutions, powerful models

JIm is a power house. He regularly challenges my beliefs about what I'm capable of and helps me think through practical strategies for achieving my goals as a business leader. He has a great balance of intuition and empathy coupled with a no bullsh*t pragmatism.





Quadratic Testimonial Jim Donovan - Shane Metcalf

-Shane M., Cofounder

Starting a new role with broader span of control, I was looking for coaching to increase effectiveness and lead my team more cohesively. I was looking for an additional point of view, someone that will share with me direct, straight forward constructive feedback - that’s why I hired Jim.




Quadratic Testimonial Jim Donovan - Ronan S.

- Ronan S., VP

I first engaged Jim as a facilitator for our leadership team offsite, and found the experience so impactful that I hired him as my Executive Coach. During the coaching engagement, Jim’s knowledge, energy and insights helped me address some structural and foundational areas that really helped me move forward rapidly rather than settling for small incremental improvements.

Quadratic Testimonial Jim Donovan - Scott H

- Scott H., Consultant

We worked together through incredible business growth at Lyft and he helped me see blind spots that may have held me back from leading the team forward. I’m not someone that would normally think of hiring a coach to help me, but Jim has proved to be invaluable in helping me make the needed shifts for my professional growth.

Quadratic Testimonial Jim Donovan - Benjamin S.

- Benjamin S. VP

"If you’re not expanding, you’re contracting. The time to change as a leader is now."

- Jim Donovan


Coaching For First Time CEOs

Team Peak Performance Coaching

Strategic Offsite Facilitation And Design

Sales Acceleration

Raising Capital

Creating A Culture Of Excellence

Executive Team Alignment


Leadership Development & Training

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Coaching: First Time CEOs

Raising Capital

Consulting: Sales Acceleration

Strategic Offsite Facilitation

Coaching: Culture of Excellence

Coaching: Peak Team Performance

Coaching: Personal Purpose

Organizational Alignment

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