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... For me, coaching is a deep commitment to the growth and accomplishments of client managers and leaders. The impact of coaching shows up in increased effectiveness with subordinates, with peers and with those to whom they report. Clients become clearer about what they want to accomplish, and they learn to get it with less struggle.



Before becoming a coach, Lee Franklin had four distinct careers - two entrepreneurial and two corporate. During the 70s, he co-founded a public policy consulting firm in Washington, D.C. that still enjoys a national reputation as a most highly regarded firm in its field. Since then Lee was Vice President, Marketing and Sales at Sprint Communications, and more recently was president of a division of AirTouch Communications, which was acquired by Vodafone and is now part of Verizon. During the second half of the 80s, Lee designed, financed, constructed, operated and then sold an independent fiber optic telecom network, through a partnership developed with General Electric Credit Corp.

Lee has been president four times and CEO once, he has served on boards and reported to a board. He's a graduate of Williams College and Harvard Business School.

"Success by itself is not worth the risk of failure.  I don’t think we become CEOs or entrepreneurs because we want to succeed. We do this because we want to know if the future we see can become real."

-Bryan Franklin


Business results, game-changing insights, out-of-the-box solutions, powerful models

Not only did he help me get the business results I desired, but he has also completely changed my life. Bryan does not simply provide advice or management tips. He develops his clients as transformational leaders. He is able to go deeper and has years of experience, working with startups and large companies, that he draws from.

Level 7 Testimonial Bryan Franklin - Mike Del Ponte

-Mike D., CEO

Level7 has amazing insights into people and business problems. My coach changed the way I saw my situation & absolutely changed my behavior. The harder the problem, the more vital Level7 is to being part of the solution.

Level 7 Testimonial Bryan Franklin - Richard

-Richard G., CEO

Bryan is an incredibly intelligent, talented, and creative executive coach with an uncanny ability to diagnose sticky issues and rapidly eradicate them. I regard Bryan as absolutely vital to my success.  Level 7 provides services ranging from program management, executive trainings, team building and executive coaching and in all areas the services were high quality and effective.”

Level 7 Testimonial Bryan Franklin - Kathryn Kranen

-Kathryn K., CEO

I have greatly appreciated Bryan's insights and ideas. He helped me to grow as an executive, to manage people more effectively, to guide my career and had valuable suggestions for many facets as I started my latest business. Bryan is creative, thoughtful, and is able to draw on a truly unique breadth of experience to advise on almost any complex business problem.

Level 7 Testimonial Bryan Franklin - Ron Bodkin

-Ron B., CEO

"A leader who chooses sides in a paradox will find that there are people who can not follow him or her because important underlying beliefs don't feel represented."

- Bryan Franklin


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Coaching: First Time CEOs

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